Minecraft Physics Tutorials and Mods

I am creating physics tutorials and demonstrative mods in Minecraft to supplement both individual and classroom experiences. These investigations will be packed into a Excel workbook macros which will install procedurally-generated functions and assets for your Minecraft world. The quality of demos will be checked with an analysis of reproducibility, statistical noise, and overall experience such as visibility and limitations.


Tutorial: Scalars and Vectors

This tutorial uses a treasure hunt as a backdrop for analyzing scalar and vector quantities. Students need to follow the instructions carefully to reach their destination, then compute their displacement from the starting point. Additional levels of rigor can include students following-up with an analysis of the instructions provided, and creating their own instructions for others to follow.



Mod: Soil Sampling

This mod provides the user with a handful of commands to reproducible create a procedurally generated contamination, which provides the opportunity to probe, analyze, and characterize the contamination given a limited number of actions (similar to economic constraints).


MCPhysMod – Soil Sampling v20220604

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