Minecraft Physics Lab

I am creating physics tutorials and demonstrative mods in Minecraft to supplement both individual and classroom experiences. These will be packed into standalone programs will install functions and assets for your Minecraft world. The quality of demos will be checked with an analysis of reproducibility, statistical noise, and overall experience such as visibility and limitations.

Minecraft provides a fun and interactive platform for learning. This effort began after observing a lack of available rigorous physics lessons from the Minecraft Education Edition or other public repositories. These gaps can be investigated through experimenting with Minecraft features to create interactive demonstrations compatible with physics curricula and applications.


Mod: Soil Sampling

This mod provides the user with a handful of commands to reproducible create a procedurally generated contamination, which provides the opportunity to probe, analyze, and characterize the contamination given a limited number of actions (similar to economic constraints).

This was initially drafted in VBA Script macro for Microsoft Excel, using a spreadsheet as a dashboard. Currently the code-base is being rewritten in Python (3.0+) for accessibility and longevity, however you can contact me if you would like to test the Excel macro sheet.



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